About Us

Whether in a talent show, chorus or just along with the radio, Carrie has always loved to sing. Church choir is where her voice really grew and she learned the art of harmony. The local karaoke scene has allowed Carrie to share her talent and develop her flair for performance. It paved the way for her to meet and collaborate with extraordinary area musicians. Carrie’s vocal prowess can now be heard in smooth, sultry ballads to the hard-driving edges of rock as lead vocalist for Nitro Five.
NICK PULOS - Lead Guitar and Vocals
After spending several years playing violin, Nick began playing guitar at the age of 13. It was in college he really got serious about honing his skills as a lead guitarist. He put those skills to use playing with After Hours Band for 6 years before he joined Wyld Hare. Nick has played in countless open jam nights and he had the sincere pleasure to play at the 2008 Gibson Custom Shop Open Jam in Nashville, TN. Nick's earliest influences were Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Social Distortion.
CHAD SOLBERG – Bass Guitar And Vocals
Chad’s interest in rock and roll began in the 70’s listening to his brothers Van Halen and Sweet records. Not long after that he found himself trying to get his hands on anything and everything by The Beatles. His love of music grew to the point where he would insist on having the radio on at all times, even while sleeping. Chad took an interest in his dad’s nylon string classical guitar, which lead him to purchase his own knock-off Les Paul in junior high. Chad has toured the Midwest with the WAMI award winning band, Spill, from Milwaukee, WI.

JIM LILLICH – Drums and Vocals
Jim’s fascination with music began with the many concerts he attended with his mom. On his 8th birthday he began drums lessons which continued through high school where he played with school bands. Jim then attended UW Green Bay where he broadened his horizons to included hand and melodic percussion. Jim has had the pleasure to play in many bands such as Glass House and Mojo Capriccio, which taught him to sing background vocals and harmony. He is very pleased to be a member of Nitro Five, one of the most versatile bands he has ever come across.